Zulu Love Letters

This is a typical Zulu Love Letter which you will find all across Zululand.

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What is a Zulu Love Letter?

Zulu Love Letters
(Incwadi) are woven in beads by Zulu maidens from Zululand in Southern Africa and sent to their lovers as a means of communication.

Each color, or combination of colors, has a specific meaning. Many of these have changed over the years, but the basic and most commonly used colors today are:

WHITE - purity, vision, true love

RED - intense love, my heart bleeds for you

BLUE - loneliness, if I were a dove, I would fly the endless skies to see you

GREEN - I have become as thin as a blade of grass from pining for you

YELLOW - jealousy

PINK - poverty. She feels he is wasting his money and not making enough effort to pay her bride price (Lobola)

BLACK - anger, hurt, jealousy. "My heart has become as black as the rafters of the hut as I hear you have taken another maiden."

BROWN - my love is like the earth which gives rise to new life

Each Zulu Love Letter is woven on to a safety pin so that the recipient of the love letter can pin it to his clothing, close to his heart, to always be reminded of the message.
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